Friday, March 13, 2015

Invest in TUNISIA, Join the Growing Success

In its 5th edition after the Revolution - 17th since its inception - Tunisia Investment Forum “TIF 2015”, the must attend annual business event, will take place this year on 11th & 12th June 2015 at El Mouradi Gammarth Hotel, Tunis under the theme: "Invest in TUNISIA, Join the Growing Success".
Featuring a democracy recognized and praised by the international community thanks to pluralistic and democratic elections that Tunisia managed to conduct lucidly, there is now a pressing need to consolidate the pillars of the new period, namely the strengthening of Tunisia’s competitiveness to conquer new major markets and regain investors’ confidence following the stabilisation of the political and institutional system.
To this end, Tunisia has started a valuation process of its comparative advantages and has managed to integrate Tunisian industry into the Global Value Chains in real time. Nowadays, it is even thought that the attractiveness of Tunisia is migrating from an attractiveness based on comparative advantages to an appeal based on a strategic positioning with respect to global value chains.
Based on these challenges and opportunities, TIF 2015 will bring together representatives and high-level participants of regional and international economic and financial organizations and institutions from nearly 50 countries.
TIF 2015 Opening Ceremony will be chaired by the President of the Tunisian Government and attended by senior officials of international institutions. The objective is to highlight the strategic vision of economic development in Tunisia.
The second day will bring together international experts, senior representatives of the Government of Tunisia and Tunisian and foreign investors to focus on:
  • A Thematic Panel that will highlight the investment opportunities with a high added-value that the new Tunisia’s site offers, by emphasising the highly qualified human resources, the modern technologies and the factors of competitiveness in Tunisia that have contributed to moving up in Global Value Chains.
  • A Sectoral Panel that will feature the strengths of Tunisia and the prospects for the development of Offshoring and Nearshoring, Renewable Energies and Biotechnology: promising sectors that will strengthen the process of structural transformation and become a dynamic source of growth and job creation, especially for university graduates ;
  • A workshop to discuss the role of international financial institutions in the development of investment in Tunisia;
  • A workshop that will address the Maximisation of social and economic benefits of investments ;
  • A MENA Regional Conference of the World Association of Investment Promotion Agencies "WAIPA" which will be held for the first time in Tunisia.
TIF 2015 is also an opportunity of a paramount importance for pre-arranged B2B meetings based on an online catalogue containing detailed profiles of companies and specifying the desired type of business partnerships.
During this year's Forum, FIPA-Tunisia will celebrate its 20th anniversary and will mark this event by organising a cocktail reception on the evening of Thursday 11th June 2015.


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