Friday, April 19, 2019


FIPA-Tunisia invites you to join us at the 2019 Tunisian Investment Forum, at the Laico Hotel in Tunis, Thursday 20th - Friday 21st June 2019.

This year's Forum will seek to create a dynamic and open conversation, highlighting why Tunisia is already an investment opportunity, and exploring what needs to be done to meet our challenges, and how we, as a country, can continue to attract foreign investors.

Save the Date and join us at the 2019 Tunisia Investment Forum, to celebrate recent success, explore current opportunity, and help us embrace the challenges ahead.

Thursday 20th June 2019
17:00hrs: Opening Ceremony
Welcome and keynote Speeches
18:30hrs: 2019 Tunisian Investment Awards
Welcome Reception Friday 21st June 2019 09:00hrs: Seizing the Opportunity: Tunisia’s Current Success
10:00hrs: Local Talent and Opportunity for New and Continued Investment
11:30hrs: Creating Opportunity from Challenges: Growing the investment ecosystem in Tunisia
14:00hrs: Invitation Sector Discussions

Invest in Tunisia: the Next Opportunity
#InvestInTUNISIA #TIF2019

Should you have any inquiry, please feel free to email us on :


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