Monday, November 13, 2017


The sixth edition of TUNISIA INVESTMENT FORUM 2017- took place on 09th and 10th November 2017 in Tunis entitled “New Tunisia New Economic Vision

During day one, TIF 2017 brought together a large number of officials, businessmen, financial institutions and experts in various investment-related areas. At the closing of day one, the event attracted over 1,500 participants from more than 45 countries covering 4 continents.

Nearly 95 journalists attended day one which was marked by an opening ceremony and 3 thematic panels.

There was a common consent among speakers and panelists on the upward trend Tunisia is following towards economic recovery and on the fact that the country is well positioned to play its role as a regional hub.

HE M. Youssef Chahed stressed that the 2% growth rate in 2017 reflects an upward trend, hence a 3% economic growth rate is expected for the year 2018 (forecast).

As a follow-up of the Tunisia 2020 projects, about 45% of the financial pledges for project financing have been achieved and the remaining is still underway.

The promising investment outlook in Tunisia has been confirmed by an OECD study which revealed that Tunisia is making progress by becoming more integrated in the global value chains with a tangible move upmarket over the past decade.

The programme on day two of TIF 2017 included a fourth panel on "Regional Development and Corporate Social Responsibility" as well as a sector-specific major panel: "Industry 4.0". In addition, two other workshops focused on ICT and agriculture were held simultaneously to raise awareness about existing potentiel.
About 50 business meetings were organised to promote partnership initiatives between investors in Tunisia.


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