Friday, February 1, 2019


Tunisia Investment Forum 20-21  June 2019

Invest in Tunisia, the Next Opportunity

Since the 2011 revolution there has been real change in Tunisia. A new, dynamic participation in social, political, cultural and economic life, the country is embracing a young and hopeful entrepreneurial spirit, driving this democratic change.
The government has responded through different frameworks, which are mainly:

  • A new Investment Law that simplifies procedures for obtaining licenses, permits and investment authorisations and limits restrictions.
  • A public private partnership Law to attract private capital for infrastructure projects and increase transparency
  • A 2018 Start-up Act, a law that throug a wide range of mechanism promoting the Development of start-ups

These frameworks contributed to creating a more business friendly environment.

 With established infrastructure, the highest mobile-internet penetration in Africa, and geopolitical positioning at the heart of the Mediterranean region, as well as a highly-skilled, educated and youthful workforce, today, we are proud to say that about 3,500 foreign companies have chosen Tunisia to do business, providing access to regional markets of over 800 million consumers.

 Yet, with high expectations comes the need to continue to improve and deliver. This cannot be done without addressing ongoing challenges.

 This year’s Forum will be an open conversation, highlighting why Tunisia is already an investment opportunity and what needs to be done to meet our challenges, and how we as a country can continue to attract foreign investors.
Join us at the 2019 Tunisia Investment Forum, to celebrate recent success, explore current opportunity, and help us embrace the challenges ahead.

Invest in Tunisia: the Next Opportunity

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